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Emily Gill MA, CIDBT H. Cert, MGoDT (MCPDT)

Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

"Training success begins when the dog realises they CAN trust you"

Emily's goal is to arm every dog owner with the knowledge they need to get the most out of their dog and enrich their relationship. Too often owners are left confused and upset by conflicting advice and problematic behaviours from their dogs, leaving them not enjoying dog ownership as much as they had hoped. At the forefront of this, Emily ensures that the dog she is training feels they can trust her and their owner, giving them the comfort they need to be their best.

Formal Qualifications:

CFBA Associate Member

CIDBT Higher Certificate Canine Professional Practice & Aggression Studies

CIDBT Advanced Dog on Dog Aggression

CIDBT Advanced Dog on Person Aggression 

GoDT Master Dog Trainer

Level 3 Diploma Canine Nutrition


After being brought up with gundogs, Emily started training and competing her own dogs in agility and showing at the age of 11. This training has lead to much success within agility, taking her to qualify for Crufts with her first agility dog...

When she was 12 years old, Emily's family opened a commercial Dog Daycare Centre, the first of it's kind in the country. Through being around at least 200 dogs a week of various from such a young age, Emily gained a wealth of knowledge of dogs. Watching how dogs interact with each other and with their owners allowed her to see gaps in behaviour training and develop methods that truly work...

Emily has successfully raised Guide Dog Puppies and teaches schools about Guide Dogs, has trained therapy and assistance dogs to be ready to pass necessary exams and Diabetes detection dogs to detect low blood sugar levels. She has also trained dogs in ringcraft to place and become champions in their breed at Crufts.

Above all of this, her aim is that every dog she trains achieves it's highest potential. She's also featured on BBC Radio 1 as a dog behaviour expert!


Starting a dog training business at the age of 19, Emily has helped hundreds of dogs and owners to have the best start and to overcome massive behavioural issues, specialising in reactivity and aggression rehabilitation.

By combining knowledge from observation of dog training, dog science and psychology, Gundog training methods, Agility training methods and positive reinforcement, she tailors training to suit the dog in front of her, regardless of their breed, age or issue.

Emily has completed assessments from the Kennel Club to certify her knowledge of dog behaviour, welfare and training and runs all training in line with animal welfare officer's recommendation.

Emily also specialises in  Young Handler training, helping children to learn to safely and effectively interact with and train their dog, building that priceless bond between dog and child that began her journey.

Looking for a dog trainer or behaviourist who really knows dogs? Someone who bases dog training on a combination of real life observation and theory?

Then get in contact!

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